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          Jiangsu Xingda Steel Cord Co., Ltd.

          Xingda leap-forward development, and achieved good economic and social benefits, led to the development of a party's economy, a substantial increase in the income of workers and
          Living standards, for the community to make a positive contribution.

          Xingda steel cord sales rose from 139,900 tons in 2005 to 541,600 tons in 2016, an increase of 287%; including bead wire, hose steel wire, the total output reached 640,000 tons. Sales revenue increased from 2.37 billion yuan in 2005 to 5.697 billion yuan in 2016, an increase of 140%. The total amount of profits and taxes is 5.45 billion yuan in 2016,  11 years accumulated taxes paid 3.65 billion yuan. The total assets from 2005 to 3.245 billion yuan, up to 8.2 billion yuan in 2016. The average monthly salary of employees from 1486 yuan in 2005, increased to 4927 yuan in 2016.

          • 540000 tons
            Total sales volume
          • 3.6 Billion
            Pay taxes
          • 8.2 Billion
            Total assets

          Service Hotline: +86 523 8095 6874

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