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    Enterprise Technology Center

    2010 Xingda Enterprise Technology Center by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, General Administration of Customs, State Administration of Taxation jointly identified as the national enterprise technology center. Center of the implementation of the technical committee under the leadership of the central responsibility system. Technical Center has a pilot plant, the pilot plant for testing with a single wire micro-plating line, heat treatment equipment, small lubricants cycle and drawing system, a variety of steel cord twist equipment, curtain fabric extrusion equipment, such as technology research and development equipment , For the relevant process test and the development of new products to provide a device basis.

    Technical Center Main research and development direction

    ? And tire companies and related research institutes to develop new structural steel cord

    ? And related iron and steel enterprises, research institutes to carry out the development of new materials research

    ? And tire companies to cooperate to carry out tire anatomy, tire failure mode analysis

    ? Around the existing products, to improve the production process, and continuously improve the quality of existing products

    ? To energy-saving emission reduction as the goal, the development of new technology to reduce energy consumption

    ? To improve the environment as the goal, the production process and production methods to improve and carry out special research

    ? Around the "high, difficult, new" technical requirements for steel cord products and its extension of the industry for new product development and new technology industry research.

    Enhance market competitiveness

    Xingda Enterprise Technology Center to promote and promote the tire industry upstream industry, steel cord production equipment industry, metal products manufacturing industry supporting the application of industrial upgrading and structural optimization, and enhance the entire industry chain market competitiveness.

    Perfect training mechanism

    Xingda Enterprise Technology Center has formed a sound technical and management personnel training, training mechanisms, training and training out of a number of professional high-quality technical management team. At the same time, to absorb and integrate advanced technology resources at home and abroad, to build a diversified framework for cooperation in technology innovation in the forefront of the domestic, in some areas to reach the international advanced level.

    Our goal

    Xingda enterprise technology center's goal is: to build into advanced technology, scientific management, efficient operation, talented people, well-equipped technology innovation platform, China's rubber skeleton materials industry important research and development base, the results of transformation base, innovation service base and Talent training base.

    Service Hotline: +86 523 8095 6874

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