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    About Xingda College

    Jiangsu Xingda Steel Cord Co., Ltd. After 30 years of arduous pioneering, has developed into the world tire tire materials industry leader in the field, is the industry's leading steel cord manufacturing base. In September 2013, Xingda company founded Xingda College.

    Jiangsu Xingda College is located in China's stainless steel town - Dainan, with training classrooms 8, a multimedia room 1, a library, the company's workshops are employees training base, built a local area network, Broadband access to the Internet, video conferencing systems, remote training systems, training and management of information systems, remote training and network office, an academic lecture hall, to meet the various types of training, large and medium-sized meetings and academic exchanges. Jiangsu Xingda College is an important part of Xingda's development strategy. It is not only an important part of the enterprise's internal personnel training system, but also surpasses this function as the promoter of enterprise transformation and external enterprises (including suppliers, partners, etc.) Training and advisory services indispensable pillars.

    From the development concept, Jiangsu Xingda College aims to combine the company's actual staff knowledge and skills education, to master the advanced management wisdom and Xingda company's practical experience, cultivate professional managers, the development of international leadership, become enterprise development Of the booster. Based on the company's development strategy and human resources strategy, Xingda College promotes and organizes the construction of the company's training system and supports the company's strategy implementation, business development and human capital appreciation through the training and development of all kinds of employees and managers. External business development and supplier strategy to provide partners with comprehensive quality, technology and management training solutions to enhance customer satisfaction; at the same time to share Xingda management practice experience, enhance the company's core competitiveness.

    Jiangsu Xingda College has four functional departments, such as teaching and supervision department, teaching management department, administrative department and party branch. Now, there are 45 lecturers, which are divided into basic knowledge education, quality class, management class, technology category, safety class Field of teaching. They are concerned about the development process of enterprises, with a unique perspective to examine the various stages of the enterprise facing various problems, good at grasping the context of enterprise development, diagnosis of enterprise causes, the development of business needs in line with various training courses to solve practical problems. In addition, in the various departments of the company, the factory, we have a senior team of experts, for the new staff to provide service support, team members are mostly from the various departments, the old factory employees, they will work in the staff or life encountered Questions, use their rich work and life experience, make effective recommendations to employees, and receive further advice.

    Service Hotline: +86 523 8095 6874

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