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          Chairman of Soft Control Co., Ltd., visited our company


          On the afternoon of April 28, Yuan Zhongxue, Chairman of Soft Control Co., Ltd., visited our company. Liu Jinlan, Chairman of the Board of the Company, Cui Mingsheng, Party Secretary, Deputy General Manager Hang Youming, Shen Aiguo, Miao Wei Steel, etc. Accompanied by reception.
          Yuan Zhongxue and his entourage visited the Division I Division I and nine factory production site, during the visit, Yuan Zhongxue of the factory production process, product overview for a detailed understanding.
          After the tour, the company on the fourth floor conference room, the two sides on business strategy, tire industry development prospects and future strategic cooperation planning for friendly consultations. At the meeting, Chairman Liu Jinlan to the guests to introduce Xingda to create the fate of the struggle of the community, take the initiative to jump on the business of the latest operating principles. Liu Jinlan said that China's economy is now in a choice of crossroads, the future of the road is quite dangerous, only the two sides to deepen cooperation and achieve win-win situation in order to consolidate our market position.
          Yuan Zhongxue, chairman of the business philosophy of Xingda expressed his heartfelt appreciation, he hoped that Xingda and soft control between the shares continue to product technology and corporate culture for more extensive and in-depth exchanges, work together win-win situation, to create a better tire industry tomorrow. (Propaganda Department Yang Qingbao)

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